Little Corella Management - Goolwa

Council to commence Bird Frite scaring techniques in Goolwa on 20 April 2017.

Council and the community have been dealing with the impacts of Little Corella (Cacatua sanguinea) throughout the Council district for well over a decade.

In over abundant numbers, these birds can cause significant damage, not only to the trees and other vegetation within the area, but also to important infrastructure and assets; whether privately owned or Council owned.

Further to the damage these birds cause, other wildlife species within our region are also being impacted, resulting in the displacement of other native bird species, native bees and possums as the Corella move in and take over the environment forcing other fauna to move onto other less impacted locations.

Little Corella also have a huge impact on the livelihood of residents living within the area. They cause a lot of stress and concern for residents, from the loud screeching noises to the mess they create when stripping back trees. In addition, large flocks of Little Corella defecate around areas including schools, nursing homes, private properties and other public spaces causing a potential health risk to the community.

It’s also important to recognise that the Little Corella have been impacted by human actions. Changes to the environment, farming practices, grain harvesting and stock feeding techniques have provided ideal conditions which make it easy for the Little Corella to breed.

Over the past few months, Council has been using various scaring techniques (lights at dawn/dusk) and clapboards to deter large flocks from Council infrastructure & assets, public spaces and more recently residential areas around Goolwa North.

Council will be further refining our scaring technique and will commence the use of Bird Frite /blank shots within the Goolwa North area. This is a non-lethal method that creates loud gunshot noises to scare large flocks of Corellas away and deter them from returning.

Gunshot noises will be heard during the daytime within the Goolwa North area commencing from 20 April 2017

We apologise for any distress these actions may cause to other members of the community, including the animals living within our community; however we ensure these actions are necessary to control this over-abundant species.

For further information regarding the Little Corella Management Program, please contact Alexandrina Council on 8555 7000.